Jayson Werth was pulled over in Scottsdale, AZ on April 17 for expired registration and, during the stop, the officer suspected he was drunk or under the influence. Werth then tried to celebrity his way out of the arrest, handing the arresting police officer his MLB “courtesy card” which shows he’s a pro baseball player, and then proceeded to let the officer know, “We do a lot of work with you guys.”

The celebrity card did not work yet again, and Werth was taken to a nearby station where he ultimately surrendered to a blood draw that showed he had a .12 blood alcohol content.

Here is the video of the arrest going down everyone has been looking for, and the attempt to play the ol’ “I’m a celebrity card”.

We talked with our DUI attorney friends at Joseph Hollander & Craft law firm, and it seems according to court documents that Werth ended up pleading guilty to 1 count of DUI and was sentenced to a diversion program for his first time DUI offence.