You read that right, Terry Crew filed documents with the LAPD on a sexual assault that happened to him!

With all the Weinstein scandals going around, it seems as though anyone feels they can come forward now about scumbag high profile Hollywood predators.

Sources close to Terry Crews say that the man in question was WME’s Adam Venit, which lines up since WME just announced that Venit is on leave. Venit is now on leave from William Morris Endeavor pending a company probe into the claims. Among those he represents are director Brett Ratner and actors Casey Affleck and Dustin Hoffman, all of whom have also been accused of sexual harassment or abuse over the last several weeks. Neither WME nor Adam Venit have released statements in response.

In the beginning of October of this year, Terry took to his Twitter account, letting people know that it is not just females that are being abused in Hollywood, it is men and young boys as well.

Showbiz Spy reported on Harvey Weinstein being a complete pervert over 2 years ago and no one believed us, even threatened with lawsuits… HOW ABOUT NOW ALL MIGHTY MEDIA CIRCLE!