My god Hollywood life is so full of shit all of the time, we have no idea why Google gives them so much love always making shit up out of thin air.

Anyways, Hollywoodlife recently reported that Selena was “Splurging” on her honey bear, and making guesses as to what she will get the love of her life: “considering a $63,000 diamond watch and or a $42,000 diamond cross pendant and necklace.”

We can tell you right now, it will not be some bling or anything crazy, the couple has chilled on buying nick-naks for ungodly amounts of cash. Call it getting older and wiser, but you will not see any new diamond watch or insane jewelry on Justin bought from Selena for his birthday.

Look for a cozy trip or something that cost nothing, but has much thought and effort put into it. That is what we are guessing 😉