In the world of adult domains, there is few that can be priceless in the right hands… and is definitely one of the rare ones, here is why…

One of the most searched terms in the adult business since 2007 has been anything with the ending term of “Sex Tape”, example: “Kim Kardashian Sex Tape” (the most watched and searched for adult video of all time). Despite the personal consequences.

Google shows a staggering 3M results with some of the highest cpc in the online game, and with the advancement of technoligy (cameras everywhere) the amount of sex tape videos will only continue to rise among amateurs and celebrities worldwide.

We have had a relationship with the owner that has been handling the reporting of the sex tape industry in a semi-sfw environment of course, and funny thing is that our most visited pages now are all the pages of celebrities and their sex tape information or other naughty news.

In the hands of a company like PornHub, Vivid and/or many others, the domain could change the way that we view and interact with online porn.

Many have said the domain should be used as a Youtube style adult site where up-loaders like you and I can make money off creating channels and advertising, considering how large the armature sector is in porn, this may be the best idea ever! Not to mention with all that free content being uploaded by real users, you will not have any problems like PornHub and Xvideos with massive amounts of DMCA requests.

If you want to check out the auction for the domain name itself you can here.

Personally, we can’t wait to see what the new owners do with the domain.