Even after being booed by Dem led Saturday Night Live (SNL), Kim continued to declare her love and protection of Kanye West and though she said she may not agree with Kanye 100% on everything, she does agree with letting her man speak out about how he feels.

Kardashian claimed that “it is super weird, anytime Kanye says anything about being pro Trump they attack him relentlessly calling him all kinds of names, yet, you don’t see that on the other side. I am starting to wounder what the hell.”

Many people in the entertainment biz (ran by Dems) have pleaded to Kim to leave Kanye, yet, she continues to stand by her man.

Kanye claims, that “a woman that will stand by your side no matter what, is what I have and we will always be there for one another, no matter how much people attack us plain and simple.”

Kanye also just went on TMZ to discus his 13th amendment comment.