We have been doing some major digging in the Harvey Weinstein charges, and we believe that many people are confused on the “sex tape video” footage that is said to be Harvey Weinstein raping a young woman named Melissa Thompson. Many are under the impression that the video is of the two having sex in his motel room, when in fact it is not. The video footage recorded on Melissa’s laptop shows Harvey slipping his hand into her panties in what was supposed to be a product pitch meeting, where she was looking for funding. The rape charges involving Melissa are said to have taken place at a later time in Harvey’s motel room, where he was said to have thrown her on the bed and violently forcing himself on her.

We are not taking sides on any of this and think that Harvey is a huge slime ball, however… why on earth would a woman that was just violated by a man, then proceed to go to the mans Hotel room for “further discussions”?!

Harvey will be found guilty of sexual assault just based on the video evidence alone, however rape charges are going to be very hard if not impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in the court system with such high powered attorneys.

Thompson is joined in her lawsuit by two other women, Caitlin Dulany and Larissa Gomes. On May 24, Thompson was tagged in a tweet by lawyer Elizabeth Fegen announcing that Harvey Weinstein had handed himself into the NYPD to face charges of sexual assault.