IF you have not noticed there has been a steady increase over the last year for criminal defense of celebrities and high profile clients.

Charges ranging from sexual assault to a simple DUI case can be seen daily being filed at local police stations across the United States. Many believe that either one… the charges are legit, or two… they are made up charges in hopes of a payday from super rich celebrities. This is where the high paid attorneys come into play in an effort to defend their clients the best they can.

We have reached out to several power attorneys and are being told: “Many times celebrities or even people that are known to have large amounts of money, are sought out in an attempt for a large payday. More times than not, the individuals that are claiming foul play by the accused are themselves caught in the act of fraud or even blackmail.

This happened with rapper Techn9ne from Kansas City most recently, where a woman claimed he locked her in his bedroom and forced her to have sex with him for days… Only to find out that the rapper was verified on tour at the time.

Our Overland Park criminal defense law firm that is ranked one of the top in the mid-west confirmed that this happens more than the public realizes, as most charges are dropped before they hit the media/public. We are also told that a lot of times the “money plan” backfires and then the accuser gets sued for false allegations.