As we have been reporting for years that Blac was in the relationship with Rob for one reason, money and fame… we could not have been more spot on with our reporting since day one.

Blac went public a couple days ago claiming that she still has no idea how and who leaked her recent 15min sex tape with rapper Mechie, but her lawyers and the FBI are working on it.

ShowbizSpy has known that Blac was going to try and pull off a Kardashian the day after we had heard that her safe was stolen from her house that had several sex tapes in it, and now it looks like all the pieces are in place for her to at least try.

We have also heard through the grapevine that Blac has been in talks with Vivid Entertainment, the same company Kim used for her Kim K Superstar video, however as of yet we can not confirm those rumors. This would make complete sense though, to show a little teaser of some nasty love making, and hold back a big nasty one for the money maker.

You can’t be mad at her though, she has been “working” on product promotion like a mad man on her social media, and from what we hear, her prices are not as cheap as some would think.

Either way, we say “Make that paper boo boo, you do you”