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Gal Gadot Will Only Be Wonder Woman If Brett Ratner Kicks Rocks!

The Wounder Woman franchise may be in a bit of a pickle after Gal Gadot announced she will not do another movie unless film producer Brett Ratner is no where to be found.

Ratner is just one of the many Hollywood big wigs accused of sexual harassment by several men and women.

This past week, Warner Bros. announced it was severing ties with Ratner amid multiple sexual-harassment allegations leveled against him by actresses including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge. Ratner has vehemently denied the allegations through his attorney, Marty Singer.

Terry Crew Files Sexual Assault Case With the Lapd!

You read that right, Terry Crew filed documents with the LAPD on a sexual assault that happened to him!

With all the Weinstein scandals going around, it seems as though anyone feels they can come forward now about scumbag high profile Hollywood predators.

Sources close to Terry Crews say that the man in question was WME’s Adam Venit, which lines up since WME just announced that Venit is on leave. Venit is now on leave from William Morris Endeavor pending a company probe into the claims. Among those he represents are director Brett Ratner and actors Casey Affleck and Dustin Hoffman, all of whom have also been accused of sexual harassment or abuse over the last several weeks. Neither WME nor Adam Venit have released statements in response.

In the beginning of October of this year, Terry took to his Twitter account, letting people know that it is not just females that are being abused in Hollywood, it is men and young boys as well.

Showbiz Spy reported on Harvey Weinstein being a complete pervert over 2 years ago and no one believed us, even threatened with lawsuits… HOW ABOUT NOW ALL MIGHTY MEDIA CIRCLE!

Criminal Defense of Celebrities on the Rise amid Legal Scandals

IF you have not noticed there has been a steady increase over the last year for criminal defense of celebrities and high profile clients.

Charges ranging from sexual assault to a simple DUI case can be seen daily being filed at local police stations across the United States. Many believe that either one… the charges are legit, or two… they are made up charges in hopes of a payday from super rich celebrities. This is where the high paid attorneys come into play in an effort to defend their clients the best they can.

We have reached out to several power attorneys and are being told: “Many times celebrities or even people that are known to have large amounts of money, are sought out in an attempt for a large payday. More times than not, the individuals that are claiming foul play by the accused are themselves caught in the act of fraud or even blackmail.

This happened with rapper Techn9ne from Kansas City most recently, where a woman claimed he locked her in his bedroom and forced her to have sex with him for days… Only to find out that the rapper was verified on tour at the time.

Our Overland Park criminal defense law firm that is ranked one of the top in the mid-west confirmed that this happens more than the public realizes, as most charges are dropped before they hit the media/public. We are also told that a lot of times the “money plan” backfires and then the accuser gets sued for false allegations.

Supergirl Melissa Benoist Speaks out about Sexual Harassment from Producer Andrew Kreisberg

Supergirl star Melissa Benoist is going public with her feelings on sexual harassment, after all the allegations (over 25 now) of misconduct that popped up on producer Andrew Kreisberg.

Melissa’s statement comes at the same time production of Supergirl is set to resume without Kreisberg, following a brief hiatus after the 19 harassment allegations against the writer/producer were made public last week by Variety.

These sexual harassment claims on high profile Hollywood men and women, really kicked off with the Weinstein scandals and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Melissa has had to deal with her own “sexual” scandals as well, after nude photos and video leaked, showing the actress getting busy with an ex when she was younger. Our editors had reached out to Melissa’s rep on the leaked footage, but have yet to hear back. This may be one we will need to ask about in person.

Hulk Hogan Comes out of Retirement & Returns to the Wwe Ring!

Terry Gene Bollea, better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan has made an official announcement that he wants to return to the WWE ring asap!

He posted a video with Ric Flair claiming:

“For me, I’d love to change that last story that was told with the Hulk Hogan career. I’d love to get back in the fold, get back on the inside and correct a lot of stuff.”

He adds … “It has to be the perfect timing for both sides. We’re all on good terms. We’re all working towards the same goal. So hopefully, I’ll be able to be back with my wrestling family some day soon.”

Personally we would love to see that man hit the ring again anytime, however he will need to hash out the issues with McMahon.

Hulk also claims the time is right because he got his sex tape stuff with his buddies swinger wife out of the way, and made some mad cash from the settlement that put one of the most popular gossip websites Gawker out of business.

Adele Has To Pay How Much In Divorce Settlement?!

On April 6, the Los Angeles court confirmed Adele’s request to keep the details of her divorce with her ex-husband Simon Konecki private, as it should be. However quickly after the settlement, rumour has it that the British born singer may have to cough up over $140 million in the nasty divorce settlement. 

Adele and her ex-husband Simon had only been together for around 3 years, yet Simon may be walking out of the marriage with nearly three fourths of Adele’s alleged net worth of about $200 million.

It’s important to understand this hasn’t been fully confirmed by Adele’s management or her ex-husband, yet there is a chance that the $140 million is the lump sum the ex-couple could split, not precisely what Simon could be fully entitled to. Either way, Adele officially filed for the divorce in California, where it’s law that spouses are entitled to half of their significant other’s income and assets throughout the time they were legally married. 

Adele’s net worth throughout their marriage skyrocketed due to her insanely successful 2016-17 world tour concerts. Her net worth supposedly leaped from $69 million to over $182 million just from one year alone, granting her $55 million exclusively from touring. 

Adele’s been hustling since her claim to fame, we can’t help but respect her grind, but like everything else happening in the world; Twitter is up and arms. Incels have been coming out of the woodwork siding with Simon for his “Get Rich Quick” outcome, and just about everyone else who doesn’t watch Rick And Morty are empathizing with Adele over the crushing rumors. 

At the end of the day, Adele’s “21” album is a staple of the generation, shove your toxic masculinity aside and listen to some bedroom pop once and awhile. Trust us it’s great.

Does Blac Chyna have a sex tape?

Brand new Blac Chyna sex tape video rumors are circulating of the Urban modeling queen whose real name is Angela Renée White. Blac Chyna who became famous for her spread in Straight Stuntin’ Magazine, Black Men’s magazine and BFF with Amber Rose has been quick to diss the rumors, though says now she is totally up for selling the porn videos full and uncut she does have, possibly with Rob Kardashian. If you love big booties we are going to go out on a limb and say this one along with the Amber Rose leaked sex videos would be must see videos for sure.

There is two different tapes to talk about, with the first one is supposedly showing Black Chyna in a skimpy black outfit and starts out with her taking care of herself while Tyga is said to be filming the entire ordeal… After some time passes of Chyna doing her own thing I guess it became to much for Tyga as he put the camera down facing the couple and dove in to finish her off himself. There is a ton of Blac Chyna fans in the hip hop community and prison system (Straight Stuntin’ is one of the only “naughty” magazines approved by the DOJ). Anyways, the full porn video is said to be really good and that she damn near breaks Tyga in half. We personally have seen the video and can say that the faces and tattoos match perfectly. Either way the video is real good and the booty on the woman on the tapes is bootylicius for sure with plenty of bouncing in the videos. The other tapes out there that Blac has confirmed herself are with her now boyfriend Rob Kardashian, however they are holding on to them as a piggy bank. Break in case of being broke asses.

[UPDATE] – The tape that is making rounds is said to have been leaked by some of Tyga’s homies that had seen the sex video and had tried to shop it to a few select underground porn companies. Though as we all know by now… you need that permission by at least one participant to license a sex tape, unless you go offshore with it like we can with our contacts. There is also talk of… if you can believe it, a sex tape that has surfaced of Blac’s mother! We have looked into the video and it does appear to be the real deal, though not very appealing to say the least.

[UPDATE] – Tyga said he did not have s**t to do with any nude images or video from his phone getting leaked to the public and if he finds out the content is authentic “heads will roll”. Yikes, not really sure we would want to screw with Tyga… he seems like the kind of guy that would shoot you just for fun. Blac is also known to hang tight with two other big booty chicks we all know well Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose… who both had no comment on the most recent scandal of their friend Blac as they have had their own sex tape rumors to deal with lately themselves.

[UPDATE] – In a wierd turn of events, Blac’s mom has been busted in her own older large milf sex tapes from like 10 years ago. We have seen the tape and if you are into the whole older large milf type thing. You may want to check it out.

[UPDATE] – Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are now engaged to be married and in a recent interview, Chyna was asked if she plans on following Kim Kardashians cookbook for success. “I do not know why everyone is tripping we already have sex tapes together (Rob and Chyna). Will we make more, hell yes, we love filming ourselves having sex. With Rob getting fit now, he just can’t get enough. Is there a chance we may let the public watch them, sure, there is always a chance. This does not settle well with the family that was established after Kim K’s leaked video in 2007.

Rare Adult Entertainment Exact Match Sex Tape Domain Goes up for Sale at Godaddy Auctions!

In the world of adult domains, there is few that can be priceless in the right hands… and is definitely one of the rare ones, here is why…

One of the most searched terms in the adult business since 2007 has been anything with the ending term of “Sex Tape”, example: “Kim Kardashian Sex Tape” (the most watched and searched for adult video of all time). Despite the personal consequences.

Google shows a staggering 3M results with some of the highest cpc in the online game, and with the advancement of technoligy (cameras everywhere) the amount of sex tape videos will only continue to rise among amateurs and celebrities worldwide.

We have had a relationship with the owner that has been handling the reporting of the sex tape industry in a semi-sfw environment of course, and funny thing is that our most visited pages now are all the pages of celebrities and their sex tape information or other naughty news.

In the hands of a company like PornHub, Vivid and/or many others, the domain could change the way that we view and interact with online porn.

Many have said the domain should be used as a Youtube style adult site where up-loaders like you and I can make money off creating channels and advertising, considering how large the armature sector is in porn, this may be the best idea ever! Not to mention with all that free content being uploaded by real users, you will not have any problems like PornHub and Xvideos with massive amounts of DMCA requests.

If you want to check out the auction for the domain name itself you can here.

Personally, we can’t wait to see what the new owners do with the domain.

Selena Gomez Is Not Splurging on Justin Bieber Despite Hollywoodlife Claims

My god Hollywood life is so full of shit all of the time, we have no idea why Google gives them so much love always making shit up out of thin air.

Anyways, Hollywoodlife recently reported that Selena was “Splurging” on her honey bear, and making guesses as to what she will get the love of her life: “considering a $63,000 diamond watch and or a $42,000 diamond cross pendant and necklace.”

We can tell you right now, it will not be some bling or anything crazy, the couple has chilled on buying nick-naks for ungodly amounts of cash. Call it getting older and wiser, but you will not see any new diamond watch or insane jewelry on Justin bought from Selena for his birthday.

Look for a cozy trip or something that cost nothing, but has much thought and effort put into it. That is what we are guessing 😉

Blac Chyna Talks About Her Sex Tape and Claims There Very Well Be More Leaks in the Near Future

As we have been reporting for years that Blac was in the relationship with Rob for one reason, money and fame… we could not have been more spot on with our reporting since day one.

Blac went public a couple days ago claiming that she still has no idea how and who leaked her recent 15min sex tape with rapper Mechie, but her lawyers and the FBI are working on it.

ShowbizSpy has known that Blac was going to try and pull off a Kardashian the day after we had heard that her safe was stolen from her house that had several sex tapes in it, and now it looks like all the pieces are in place for her to at least try.

We have also heard through the grapevine that Blac has been in talks with Vivid Entertainment, the same company Kim used for her Kim K Superstar video, however as of yet we can not confirm those rumors. This would make complete sense though, to show a little teaser of some nasty love making, and hold back a big nasty one for the money maker.

You can’t be mad at her though, she has been “working” on product promotion like a mad man on her social media, and from what we hear, her prices are not as cheap as some would think.

Either way, we say “Make that paper boo boo, you do you”